Ok we sometimes hear questions such as How do I chip amazon fire sticks or How do I jailbreak amazon firesticks well its time to dust off your firestick as we are going to tell you the best way to open up your firestick to give you great quality IPTV where you can watch any channel and also how to watch any movie and tv show you can dream of.

First things first you will want a firestick as this won’t work without one silly. Now you will want to set up the firestick as normal so hook it up to your wifi and your Amazon account which I’m sure you have already.

Now we are going to cover this in 2 parts to make it easier to do the first part will tell you how to get the best IPTV service around and the second part will teach you how to put all movies and tv shows on your firestick. So let’s begin.


How To Get The Best IPTV On Your Firestick

So as you may be aware there is no good way of getting free IPTV anymore as using Kodi is no good for IPTV as you may as well as screw up Kodi in a tight ball and throw it in the dustbin as it’s not that good no more.

So you will want to use the best IPTV service out there HERE which is ourselves (not to blow our own trumpet) We have over 5000+ channels in great quality and HD and they don’t buffer like half IPTV providers out there. We also have an extensive range of movies and tv shows for you to get through.

We offer 24/7 customer support which is some of the best out there as well and we help you add IPTV to any device you have and also make some great guides on this subject as well.

Now to use our IPTV you will want to install an app on your firestick called Smart IPTV which you can search for on the firestick and download very easily.

Once you have Smart IPTV app you will just need to open the app and you will see a code that looks like this 45:G2:DS:S4:VD:4T but your code will look completely different from the example code we have just given.

You just need to buy an IPTV subscription from us then send us the code and we will have you all up and running in no time even a few minutes if that so you can watch any channel you can dream of, in fantastic quality while you kick back and think of how easy it was on putting IPTV on your firestick. So we are halfway through on so-called chipping a firestick.

Time to follow the next part to get stick performing at its best abilities how it should be.

Also, you can see this guide here for a more in depth installation of Smart IPTV but its super easy to do without even looking at this guide.

How To Watch Any Movie Or TV Show On Your Firestick

We know everyone likes a good movie so we are now going to cover how to get any movie or tv show on your firestick for free using an app that’s easier to use and well more powerful than the old Kodi you have been trying to use with no success.

So you will want to install an app called Terrarium TV by following our easy to follow guide now.

First of all, you will need to go to settings on your firestick then scroll across to Device and now choose Developer Options and press ok.


where to find developer options on a firestick


Now where it says Apps From Unknown Sources click ok to bring a pop up box up then change it to ON.

Once you have turned it on you can press the home button on the remote to go back to the Amazon home screen.

What you need to do now is look for an app called Downloader now you can just hold the microphone button on the remote and say “Downloader” and it will pop up on the screen for you to download like some modern day techno-magic. We can’t wait to see what technology brings in the next 10 years but hey let’s not get off track here.

So once you have downloaded the app called downloader you will need to open it and then click ok and click ok if it asks you anything about javascript and then use your remote to type in this URL address in the address bar at the top of the screen.


Once you have entered that link in above and press ok you will see a new page appear and you will want to press down on the remote to where it says download and click the download to download an install Terrarium TV.

Once it has installed you can open the app then you will see any movie you can think of and TV show you just simply click on the movie and then choose to play it. The first time around it will ask you to download a player called Yes Player that is fine just download it and then you can watch anything you want on Terrarium TV and everything just works and its a lot better than Kodi for movies and TV shows that’s for sure.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to chip your firestick and if you liked it please give it a share to help others free their firestick.