Here we have a quick guide on how to use the firestick remote with the smart IPTV app to make it easy for you to pick up the controls and be changing the channel like a pro in no time.

We now recommend our updated IPTV app which you can install here


How to bring channels up and choose another channel

Press OK

ok button

How to bring channel groups up

Press ok, then press the play button

ok buttonplay button


How to go up and down a channel

Press left or right on the remote

left buttonright button

How to skip through the channel list faster

Press ok then press left or right

ok buttonleft buttonright button








How to bring up the TVguide for certain channels

Press ok then go to the channel and press the menu button

ok buttonmenu button








How to bring up the last viewed channels

Press down on the remote

down button








How to change the picture size

Press the fast forward button

fast forward button

How to change the volume using the firestick remote

Hold the up or down button on the remote

up button

down button

Exit the smart iptv app

home button

How to watch video on demand on the smart IPTV app

To watch the VoD on the firestick you will need to download an external player called MX player which you can download for free from the Amazon home screen then when you go to play an on-demand movie you just choose to open it with MX player with it will play fine.


See an in-depth guide on how to install smart IPTV to your smart tv and Amazon firestick by clicking the link.