If you have a mag 254 box or any newer mag box then this guide will show you how to set up IPTV on your mag box so you can get watching IPTV on the device in no time.

A lot of people lean towards mag boxes for their slick and sleek user interface and their ease of use while making sure the IPTV streams playback with the best of quality.

set up a mag box


How To Setup Your Mag TV Box

The first step you need to do is look on the bottom of your mag box and note down the MAC address as you will need to use this later when you buy a subscription. If you do not have an IPTV subscription you can buy one from us and receive the best in IPTV with thousands of HD channels from across the world we have the best streams around.

Once you have made a note of your MAC address you can turn the mag tv box on and then you will be met with the main portal screen so you just need to go to settings and then choose setup/set.

Your next step is to go into System settings and you will see it say server so just click into server and finally into portal.


How To Setup Up A Mag Box Portal

Ok now you will need to set up the mag box portal which is straightforward but before you start you need to make sure you have a live IPTV subscription from your provider and then they should have emailed you a portal URL address if not you can ask your provider what the portal URL address is.

Once you have the portal URL from your provider its time to enter the details.

mag box portal url

In the portal 1 name, you can put anything you want but a good practice is to put the name of your IPTV provider so if you are using us you can put Steady IPTV in the portal 1 name then move on to the text box below.

In the portal 1 URL this is where you need to put your IPTV supplier’s portal URL address this will always start with http:// and then their special portal address they give you so, for example, it could be something like http://specialportalurl.com/c/ you will notice there is also a /c/ on the end of the url this will be the same for all providers.

Once you have filled out the portal 1 name and portal 1 URL that’s it your done you can leave anything to do with the portal 2 name and portal 2 url blank as this is not needed you can simply press ok on the remote and then once it saves press the exit button on the mag 256 box remote or any mag box remote you have.


How To Enter The NTP Server To Your Mag Box

This is an easy step all you need to do is o back to the main mag box screen where you can see home media and weather etc then you go back into settings again, then into system settings and then into general.

Then you will see it say NTP server and have a box next to it so click into the box and then put this web address pool.ntp.org or if you are located here in the united states you would put this web address in the box us.pool.ntp.org then press the ok button to save the settings and now press exit 3 times to the normal main mag tv box screen.

ntp server details

Now everything is complete if for any reason your mag box won’t play live channels you will just need to go and reboot the portal so follow the steps below.


Rebooting Mag Box Portal

This is mainly only for when you first set up an IPTV provider on your mag box when you have made changes to the portal names and portal URLs so if your live TV is not working just simply go to the main screen and then into settings, system settings and then choose reboot portal and this will refresh the portal details so the live tv will work fine.

reboot portal


Setting Up Parental Control On Your Mag Box

If your provider has adult channels on your IPTV subscription and you want to unblock them the mag box allows you to do this. The default parental control pin for a mag device is 0000 (this can be changed in settings) and this will allow you to view the adult content your provider has.

mag box portal url

But you can also block other channels if you want to as well to do this simply when you have the channels in a list in front of you just hover over the channel and press the app button on the mag box remote and you will see a padlock appear which means it’s not locked and needs the parental pin to enter the channel.