If you have just purchased an IPTV subscription from us or elsewhere and you are looking to setup IPTV for your Samsung smart TV then this guide will help you do just that.

First, you will need to make sure your Samsung smart tv is connected to your wifi or via an ethernet cable to your router then make sure you have set up a Samsung account through the TV and are logged in.

Now once you are ready you need to press the home button on the remote to bring the small menu bar up and the bottom of the screen then scroll across to the left and go to search.


Samsung Smart TV IPTV Menu Bar


Using the remote you will now type in Smart IPTV then it will take you to the app so press OK on the remote then choose install at the top of the screen and let it install which won’t take long. Once the app has installed you just need to press ok to open the app

Now, that’s the hard bit out the way which to be honest was not hard one bit. So once you first launch the app you will see the screen below


IPTV Smart TV Setup


What you will want to do once you have paid for an IPTV subscription is where the code is that looks like this F5:GH:82:S4???? You will need to send us your code which will be different to our example one.

Once we have received your code we will add our IPTV channels in so you will receive the best in IPTV and have great quality channels freeze free and other bonuses too.

After we have added our channels in which normally happens very fast you will just want to turn the TV off for 2 minutes and then turn the TV back on and you will see all our channels and can enjoy our service as we are one of the best IPTV providers out there.

Here is a guide onĀ how to activate smart iptv app so you can ease through the process even though it’s very easy to do anyway.

Now you will just need to keep in mind that the company who makes the app called Siptv only give you a 7 day trial of using their app so before the 7 days are up you will need to activate your code with them for a one-off lifetime cost of just $6 which is a bargain and you will then own the app for life and get our amazing IPTV services on it.

If you have any other iptv device and you are wanting to know how to put the smart iptv app on it then check out our guide on how to how to install Smart IPTV on your iptv device